"Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me. I want people to know why I look this way. I've traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved."


is the title of an article by Jennifer Saranow in an old Wall Street Journal about the lengths men will go to find the car they once loved.

I guess it's only logical. It's even more difficult to go back to our first human love, but not impossible to find our first vehicle.

"Middle-aged men are going to extraordinary lengths to locate the actual vehicles they drove decades ago. They are trolling on line car classifieds, cold-calling junkyards and hiring lost-car detectives to help. When they get desperate, they're begging friends in law enforcement to run serial numbers and even sending instant messages to strangers who live near the last known person to own the car."

EXCUSE ME while Dr. Rader, the philosopher takes over--
This phenomenon belongs with others just as important in today's society, like-
The fact that people consider it normal that the majority of the good looking women in LA are augmented.

The fact that Viagra and Botox are main line everyday normal.

The fact that families with children aren't eating supper together.

Let's get a sense of balance here. What brought this country it's incredibly high standard of living is being lost. We have the luxury of time to worry about things that should be unimportant while we forget the values that have brought us to this point.

Ok, ok, self centeredness and vanity aren't entirely new in human experience .
And truth be known, the chance of me finding a certain 49 Ford convertible after 60 years is impossible.

A word of caution to you who may be searching that certain car. Drive another one of the same type first. It's a fact of life that memories exaggerate and romanticize things. You may be sobered quickly when you try to get the larger you into the tiny MGTF or hit the first corner at highway speed in the he ox cart suspension of a 59 Rambler.
If you still love old cars and are sober we are here for you.


With the loss of Dick Schoppe, Raders Relics is changing it's operating style. We are now open by appointment only. Though you can drop by most mornings and probably catch me here, but if you don't want to gamble please call ahead. I feel a connection with friends and customers who over the years have trusted us with some delightful and fun investorcars. Except for an escape to the mountains, I'll keep on keeping on. - Bob Rader

"Having a bad day at the car show"

Our current inventory of classic cars at a glance:
1939 Ford Deluxe convertible sedan in folkstone grey with red piping and carmel interior. To sum it up in a few words--She is a fresh national show quality restoration. Show Me More! >>>> $49,500
1946 Military Jeep. We have had him before, ( he's the one that had his tub replaced some time in his life ) He has had quite a few upgrades since he was here. He now sports a summer top, new correct shovel, axe and jerry can. Drive line has been rebuilt as well as springs. Show Me More! >>>>
NEW 1950 Ford Deluxe club coupe with a show quality coat of Ford dark toreador red over a never rusted body and chassis. Show Me More! >>>> $49,500
NEW 1953 Riley 1 1/2 liter 4 cylinder, 4 door with blue body sides and black fenders. The interior has new beige leather and good wood, (I would refinish, but it's very good). He runs good, but there are some small bubbles and the top has shrunken so the seams has been covered with black plastic tape. Show Me More! >>>>
REDUCED 1958 Chevrolet Impala sport coupe with modern air conditioning and CD player as well as power steering and other goodies like a later model non powerglide automatic. Show Me More! >>>>




SOLD 1964 Porsche 356C coupe with 4 wheel disc brakes. His background is California and Texas. There is no sign of rust ever underneath. He runs great and has a decent interior. The only known defects are a slight bow in the hood and cracks in the windshield. Show Me More! >>>>



SOLD 1965 Ford Thunderbird convertible that is mostly all original as factory delivered with the exception of a repaint in the original color sometime in the past. The interior is better than expected for being 57 years old. Percy in unusual in that he doesn't have air conditioning and he lives in Florida. Included is an uninstalled expensive factory roadster kit. Show Me More! >>>> $12,950
NEW 1967 Chevrolet Camaro coupe that came bare bones from the factory. Six, stick, no PS and of course no air conditioning, but boy he's a beautiful car with an expensive, luxurious ermine white repaint including new rubber and fuzzys and windshield. Except for new carpet, a fine original interior. Added amfm in the glove compartment. Show Me More! >>>> $18,760
1968 Buick Skylark Custom hardtop coupe. He's named after his founding father, David Dunbar Buick, (Died in 1929) Davey has his original coat of ice blue metallic with white top. Interior is fine original too. Obviously no rust or accidents ever. Not even a ding in the paint or a star in the windshield. Show Me More! >>>> $11,999
HELGA is a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle owned by an old friend in NC. He is not a car person. The photos are from him. The asking price is $7200. I can put you in direct contact with him. Here is his description-- VW is 1971 Super Beetle. Show Me More! >>>> $7200
SOLD 1973 Plymouth Fury III Grand Sedan. This was a one year style and the last year with no catalytic converter or smog pump. He has a 400 cubic inch V8 with 727 Torque Flyte and almost every possible option except sun roof or tilt wheel. Heavily undercoated. Show Me More! >>>> $6,950
Amanda Reckonwith is a 1983 Buick Riviera convertible is one of only 3898 produced from 1982- 1985. Available in only white or red, with white tops and red leather. The 307 V8 was an option. Base price was $25,702.00, more than the Corvette. Amanda has had over $20,000 spent on restoration (reciepts here) 5600 miles on new Jasper 307 engine, transmission, rear end, a/c, top/motor, tires, hydro booster brake, power steering, power windows and seats, custom paint, disk brakes, gas shocks, Kenwood stereo/CD, ball joints. Show Me More! >>>> $17,500
1985 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz in Gossamer blue with dark blue leather. I won't even try to go into her extensive luxury equipment. The important thing here is that you can buy a new car for the sticker price she had on the showroom in 1985. Show Me More! >>>> $26,862
NEW 1997 Dodge Dakota pickup truck. He has been 125,000 easy miles and looks and runs like 25,000. The interior has either been replaced or amazingly kept original. Repainted the original black with red striping, After market wheels and healthy tires. Ice cold air. Show Me More! >>>> $3,950
SOLD NIGEL is a 2004 Mini Cooper S . I know he's not collectible, but he's here now. He runs like a scalded cat and he's just as much fun as your fancy PorscheFerrariVette and he's just about at the end of his depreciation. Nigel's got all the goodies like driving lights, sun roof, floor mats and Pirelli P Zero tires Show Me More! >>>>. $6,555


Raders Relics conversion chart to translate old cars ads language. This is a compendium of a quarter century in the business from personal observations and other publications. In red and black on parchment color, 11X17, suitable for framing to hang in the family room, garage, where ever you like. Samples:
If it says: It really means:
Older restoration Can’t tell it’s been restored
Drive it away I live on top of a hill
Lost storage Neighbors getting up a petition
Uses no oil Just throws it out
And fifty more

Yours for a pittance at just $12.50 each. Add $3.50 for the mailing tube and postage, any quantity. Your check is acceptable to us. We aren’t set up to take credit cards.



Coca Cola cooler, 1950, restored, very good. $950
Murray pedal car, 1950s, actually never used. $1100

Mobile oil dispenser. Circa 1940. Very good original, never restored. Full of bottles. $3500.00

Your check is fine. Sorry no credit cards


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